Authentic Italian Dishes in District VIII.

In Budapest, when you hear district eight, you don’t necessary think of Italian excellence at first. But, it is time to change it! The Oinos Italian restaurant, wine bar and bistro is located in Rákóczi Square, in the famous Vásárcsarnok, and it is one of the best Italian restaurants in Budapest. The original Italian flavors are guaranteed by the Italian owner for the guests.

If Italian restaurant, then pizza! Oinos pizzas are available with a variety of original Italian toppings and only fresh ingredients are used in their preparation. For example, the delicious buffalo mozzarella, the original Italian hot sausage and the gorgonzola, which is a famous Italian mouldy cheese. The vegetarian guests can also enjoy the food with peace of mind, because we have special vegetarian pizza, with many delicious toppings.