Brunch in Budapest (VIII.) at Rákóczi Square

Brunch at Oinos?

The perfect start to a perfect weekend? A pleasant morning with a long lost friend? A surprise birthday breakfast for your partner with a delicious cocktail, or an informal light business meeting?

Whether it’s a special occasion or just a free morning at last, made unforgettable with an extensive sweet, savory or spicy program, what you need at this time of year is a delicious brunch at Oinos (Budapest (VIII.), Rákóczi Square).

Gastronomic adventure: The perfect brunch

When béchamel and egg yolks flow together on a perfectly composed plate, while the pleasant aroma of butter dances in the air with the flavors of delicately roasted coffee.

This is what brunch is all about, isn’t it?

Scrambled eggs with cocktail tomatoes for the minimalist, maple syrup French toast for the sweet-toothed.

What else do you need to round it out? A champagne mule with a fried egg bagel, coffee mélange with pecan pie. For the cool, we recommend the club sandwich, while lovers of classic elegance and cuisine will opt for the Egg Benedict, served only on an English muffin, of course. For the eternal children, there’s a peanut butter waffle or a pancake with caramel sauce. And for those looking for a healthy but hearty breakfast or an early lunch, there’s granola or oatmeal with plain yogurt, rice milk or fresh fruit. And a little something extra, like pecans or maple syrup or almonds or honey, just to spice things up.

What do we drink with all that?

Breakfast drinks range from Irish coffee to classic expresso to chai lattes, but on a cool fall or winter morning, a salted caramel or chili and cinnamon hot chocolate is also a nice treat. Later in the morning, you can switch to a mango and pineapple smoothie, but by then it’s time for a Bloody Mary or mimosa.

The Onios brunch experience

At Oinos, everyone can find the perfect brunch menu in an exclusive setting: cool, casual elegance and professional service. It’s not only the cavalcade of flavors and the harmony of textures that will impress you, but also the splendid ambience, the perfect setting for a gourmet start to the day or end of the morning.