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Learn more about the real Italian cuisine – food and wine bars. Meet Oinos, a modern yet authentic Italian Wine Bar Bistrot in Budapest.

Tasting Tuesday – Wine Tasting at Oinos

We offer our wine loving guests a regular wine tasting event in our restaurant. Besides Italian wines, there are –of course – excellent Hungarian wines in the repertoire of our Italian restaurant. If you decide to attend a Tasting Tuesday event, here’s what you can expect: – 6 different wines can be tasted from a […]
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Italian Wine Bar in the Heart of Budapest

Various wine bars in Budapest are becoming considerably popular, not just among the older but also among the younger age group. In Budapest Rákóczi Square, Oinos wine bar offers a special experience for its guests. Anyone who comes around will feel in Italy in a moment. The reason is, that the owner of the wine […]
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Italian cuisine

The Italian cuisine

The Italian gastronomy is wide spread around the globe, and is held in high regard, because of its simplicity and yet tasteful flavors. Italy’s favorable climate makes it possible, to grow high quality fruits and vegetables, which can be turned into great meals. The fact, that for Italians, eating is a social activity, played a […]
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