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The Oinos Italian restaurant is not only one of the Top10 Italian restaurants in Budapest, but also an Italian family restaurant, where those who love authentic Italian flavours, can enjoy the full scale of these flavours, in a modern and friendly environment. The appetizers include delicious Italian cheeses, salami and various fish that guarantee your appetite for sure.

Among the first courses, there is a wide variety of pasta dishes combined with all kinds of seafood, caviar, duck meat, beef, rabbit meat, fish or even with crab meat and pomegranates. In the main courses menu, there are dishes made of seafood, cod fish, and a selection of the finest meats. The best known Italian food, the pizza, also got its place in the menu. You can order your pizza with various original Italian toppings, which are sure to satisfy your cravings. The Desserts are especially tempting for the sweet-toothed, because they were made with utmost care to be as authentic and delicious as possible.

In the Specials menu, you can find dishes, that you cannot experience anywhere else. If you want to taste a really special dish, our recommendation is the Risotto with Asparagus and Calamari.

Our food is prepared with the utmost care to make you feel like sitting on an Italian restaurant terrace on Venice’s Piazza San Marco.