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OINOS, word for wine, take life by marrying our extensive experience in the field of tourism and catering management services in providing exceptional Italian and international food with an ability to provide the highest quality using traditional Hungarian products through local providers, OINOS has developed a practical way of bringing the finest food and being the best bars in Budapest from Italy and Hungary together with guaranteed quality.

Spaces are created specifically to offer to the customer the right atmosphere for every need, to taste a good glass of wine chosen from a wide selection, the opportunity to “fare l’aperitivo” “take an aperitif” a daily ritual which in Italy is a real institution of social life. Of course a careful choice of Italian, Hungarian and international dishes, are presented with great care both to aesthetic appeal and quality.

The set design creates a welcoming and dynamic space, the furnishings ensure preservation of the original structure and at the same time, thanks to the careful work of the designers give a new life to a part of the old Market.