Good weather, Italian food, wine, pizza, terrace…

The good weather is here, it’s time to roam outside, go hiking and enjoy springtime! We do not have to go far, because there are plenty of opportunities for spending our time in Budapest and its surroundings, and we can also relax in the capital if we want to.

For an authentic Italian restaurant like ours, spring does not simply bring good weather, but it also means that the outdoor terraces of restaurants open up – one after another, filled with local and foreign guests, while the finest fragrances begin to get through the air and life starts on the streets of the city centre. Such a life picture brings cheer and joy. Therefore on such pizza terraces families, friends, and couples sip delicious, fruity wine specialities and eat rich Italian pizzas and pastas.

When spring starts and the good weather comes, wandering around the streets and squares, the city gives good opportunities for various outdoor programmes, festivals. Also, the endless quay is a relaxing part of the city. Whether for lunch or dinner, a real Italian restaurant worth a visit, too. Its atmosphere, traditional cuisine will give unforgettable pleasures for those who walk in, for sure. An essential feature of such captivating places is the pizza terrace, where the combination of good company, fresh air, comfort and flavours will consummate your meal.

Of course, the location and the design of the terrace is a determining factor of the overall view of the restaurant. We are very fortunate as the Oinos Italian restaurant is located in Rákóczi Square, in the Market Hall, thanks to our pizza terrace – which is located in the square-  the view also ensures our guests to eat our delicious food in comfort in a downtown environment. Their satisfaction is enhanced by the comfort and the service they experience here. This ensures that our restaurant is an excellent choice for relaxing after a tiring day.

The food available in our restaurant is prepared with the utmost care and we are keen on providing you a quality service, which makes you fly from our pizza terrace right to Italy. Choose from our gluten-free options, taste the delights of world-famous Italian cuisine!