Authentic Italian Pizza in Budapest:
The Oinos Winebar Bistrot Experience

' In the heart of Budapest, Oinos Winebar Bistrot stands out as the number one destination for lovers of authentic Italian pizza. Attention to detail and commitment to culinary traditions are reflected in each of our pizzas, ensuring an experience that is rich in both flavor and tradition.'

The Art of Oinos Pizza

The natural fermentation of Oinos’ dough is the basis for providing a light and digestible base. High-quality Italian flours are the perfect base for pizzas that pamper our taste buds while preserving the essence of traditional flavors. Oinos’ Margherita, with its harmony of mozzarella, tomato and basil, is a tribute to simplicity and deliciousness.

The heart of our kitchen: The oven

We bake our pizzas to perfection in a traditional Italian oven, which is known for its ability to reach high temperatures, helping to bake quickly and evenly. This technique is key to achieving the characteristic crispy crust and perfect melted toppings of Italian pizza.

Why Choose Oinos Pizza?

Visit Oinos

Visit Oinos Winebar Bistrot for an authentic Italian pizza in Budapest, where tradition and quality meet for an unforgettable culinary experience. Taste the real Italy with every bite of our pizza.