Special Wines and Drinks in the Heart of Budapest

Whether it's a glass of special wine, a creative cocktail or a plain drink, Oinos Winebar offers a harmony of quality and taste, ensuring that every visit is memorable.

' Apart from culinary delights, Oinos is also an outstanding wine and liquor bar where guests can discover an impressive selection of different wines and spirits. The offer of the winebar perfectly reflects the commitment and passion that characterizes our restaurant, be it local or international drinks, special cocktails or premium spirits.'

Our wine selection

The Oinos wine selection focuses on quality and diversity, from the masterpieces of classic wine regions to the specialties of smaller, lesser-known wineries. Guests can taste traditional Hungarian wines that reflect the richness of the local terroir, or choose from typical wines from other regions of the world.

Cocktails and Other Drinks

Our cocktail range combines creativity and quality ingredients, from classic recipes to reimagined modern creations. Oinos mixers treat cocktail making as a real art, striving for flavor harmony and aesthetics in every drink. There is also a wide range of premium spirits available for those looking for a glass of fine whisky, rum or gin.

A Perfect Evening Relaxation

Oinos is the ideal place for meetings with friends, business meetings or a romantic evening. Comfortable seating, warm lighting and pleasant music all contribute to the elegant and relaxing atmosphere, where both the drinks and the company provide an excellent atmosphere.