Steak in an Italian restaurant? It’s possible!

Our first tought is, that Italian cuisine is all about pizza and pasta. Actually the truth is far away from that, Italian is one of the most colourful and richest cusine all over the world. It’s more than those two types of food.

As a country circumscribed by the sea, the most popular meat is fish, which is offered on our menu as fresh salmon, tuna, sardine, cod, paired with pasta, salad or as pizza topping. You can find fresh tuna burger with parmesan and saffron spiced risotto, if you are curious for a really modern dish.

At those areas which are located inside the country, far from the sea, we can find some changes in preference for meat. Beef, mouton, and game meat take over fish dishes. So, in our Italian restaurant we offer classic steak meals on our menu, too. The seasoning of the steaks follows the traditional Italian way. Green spices are typically used, but you can enjoy a classically seasoned steak too.

In our Italian restaurant we have some recommendation for steak. Whether classic beef steak or a tuna steak, we have perfectly matching wines with the meals.