Tasting Tuesday – Wine Tasting at Oinos

We offer our wine loving guests a regular wine tasting event in our restaurant. Besides Italian wines, there are –of course – excellent Hungarian wines in the repertoire of our Italian restaurant.

If you decide to attend a Tasting Tuesday event, here’s what you can expect:

– 6 different wines can be tasted from a wine area / wine house covered by the program

– Depending on the program, usually a representative of the wine house visits us and tells us about winemaking and about the company and their wines

– We also have wine tastings from a particular area, not only from particular wineries

–  We offer 10% discount of the dinner for those who stay at our restaurant after the tasting

The price of the tasting for one person is 3500 Ft. If you would like to join us, it is advisable to book a table because the seats are limited.

You can find more information about our latest events, and the next Wine Tasting Tuesday dates on our Facebook page. You can also find information here about what wine house will be introduced next, and you will also find detailed information about the wines.

We look forward to welcoming everyone. You can register here: oinos.budapest@gmail.com