Job offer - Wine bar bistro Budapest

Waiter, Waitress / Bartender

We are looking for waiter, waitress and barman. We are looking for someone who will have the patience, personality and perseverance to thrive in this role. You should be a team player and keep in mind that Waiter/Waitress duties may require working in shifts and/or during weekends and holidays. Ultimately, it is the duty of

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Wine bar bistro Budapest

Top Etiquettes for An Italian Bistro And Wine Bar

We always crave to have different delicacies or beverages, don’t we? But, with the persuading 21st century and the increasing Italian culture, we have been more bent towards visiting bistros and tasting wine. There are a plethora of wine bars and the bistros that focus on the wine culture, language, and the specific etiquette of

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Gourmet aperitif

Aperitivo Gourmet every Sunday

The best gourmet aperitif in town is now available. Every Sunday from 5.30pm until 9.00pm the aperitif deal is ready for you. Let’s finish and start the week in style!!!! Unlimited Buffet included in the price From the “Special Aperitivo list”: Cocktails 1900Ft Wine (1dl) 990Ft Beers 1100Ft       For those who want

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Italian restaurant opening party

Pre-Opening Party

Oinos is the brilliant heart of the Old Market, where the atmosphere is fancy, informal and focused on food. It’s the perfect place for an evening with friends & family, to entertain clients over lunch or simply enjoying a cocktail after work. Simplicity and perfection is our goal.              

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Have a good morning!


Breakfast every day from 8 AM. Don’t miss out our crispy bacon or the Italian morning tiramisu!