Spaghetti Carbonara

Spaghetti Carbonara: Classic Italian dish with a creamy twist

Spaghetti carbonara is a classic Italian pasta dish that is creamy, rich and delicious. It is made with just four main ingredients: egg yolks, black pepper, pecorino romano cheese and guanciale (marinated pork chops). The dish is usually served with hot pasta and the sauce is made by mixing raw eggs with grated cheese, black

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Where does brunch come from and what can you eat here?

Brunch is not just a word that consists of breakfast and lunch. It is also just that in its execution – a popular tradition of togetherness. Source Guy Beringer first used the word brunch in an article in Hunter’s Weekly in 1890. In it he advocated a lighter meal late on a Sunday morning to

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Tasting Tuesday – Wine Tasting at Oinos

We offer our wine loving guests a regular wine tasting event in our restaurant. Besides Italian wines, there are –of course – excellent Hungarian wines in the repertoire of our Italian restaurant. If you decide to attend a Tasting Tuesday event, here’s what you can expect: – 6 different wines can be tasted from a

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We have strarted our home delivery service

Have you heard about it? Now you can get your favorite noodles, pizzas or salads anywhere, anytime. Since working together with Wolt, we deliver your favorite food quickly and easily. Do you have a busy day at work and have no time to grab something to eat? Or after a tiring, long day you just

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Good weather, Italian food, wine, pizza, terrace…

The good weather is here, it’s time to roam outside, go hiking and enjoy springtime! We do not have to go far, because there are plenty of opportunities for spending our time in Budapest and its surroundings, and we can also relax in the capital if we want to. For an authentic Italian restaurant like

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New Year’s Eve dinner 2018

Take a look at our New Year’s Eve dinner! Starter Carpaccio di polpo, indivia, nocciole e caviale di aceto balsamico di Modena IGP Octopus carpaccio, endive, hazelnut and balsamic caviar Sauska Chardonnay / Birs 2013 Soups Consommé d’anatra con tortellini al fegato grasso Duck consommé, Foie grass tortellini Pasta Raviolo di lambrusco con cotechino e lenticchie,

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